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Community diary

If the issue you have reported is not a one-off incident, we may ask you to complete a community diary that sets out how the anti-social behaviour is affecting you.  Social housing landlords may ask their tenants for a diary or log sheets to be completed directly by them.  We do not expect you to complete multiple diaries and log sheets: just one is OK if it includes all the information about the problems you are experiencing. 

Due to the nature of the complaint and the specific evidence that is required, matters relating to statutory noise nuisance which are being monitored by NFDC environmental health department requires evidence to be recorded on their specific monitoring sheets.  We will share the information that you provide where appropriate, but only if your consent is given. 


We take views and information from the community and victims very seriously.  The community diaries enable the evidence and impact of the anti-social behaviour to be documented. 


Should you wish to obtain a copy of a community diary, a copy is available to download here adobe icon Community Diary [245kb]

Alternatively, please contact us at or 023 8028 5438.  The diary will be sent out to you with prepaid envelopes.


If you would prefer to keep the diary/log sheets electronically, please ensure you are recording all the information required including dates and times and email them onto the team at





Updated: 5 Apr 2017
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